I Don't Even Know Where I Go Anymore

Luxury Bath Cocktail Version 3

Bath Bomb: The Sicilian, Uluru, and Sakura

Bubble Bar: Sunny Side, Amandopondo, Green Bubbleroon

Bath Melt: You’ve Been Mangoed.

SoapSexy Peel. Other fruity soaps would also work, citrus goes better with the base scent, so Sexy Peel, Sea Vegetable, and Bohemian would work best.

Shower GelSlammer or Back for Breakfast

Shower Jelly: Iced Wine

Shower SmoothieLush Lime or Party On

ShampooI Love Juicy

ConditionerJungle Solid Conditioner

Sugar Scrub: Sugar Scrub (Green)

Body LotionSkin Sin

Body ButterYou Snap the Whip

Massage BarEach Peach (And Two’s a Pair)

Body TintSilk Stockings 

Dusting PowderBare Naked Lady

CleanserOcean Salt

Face Mask: Ayesha


Lip Scrub: Mint Julips

Lip Balm: A Million Kisses